It is with great pleasure that I get to announce the first road trip for Ice the Office! Due to multiple reasons (work mainly), I will be on the road at the end of this week + the weekend. One of the good bonuses is that I’ll be able to check out the home of a Western Conference team. The very first stop for Ice the Office will be the…


I have to admit that this won’t be my first trip to Nashville. I’ve been there a few times and know my way around. However, it will be the first trip to another NHL city since I started this blog back in February 2011.

In the next few years, it is my goal to stop in a handful of NHL cities to explore the team, arena, and soak in the hockey culture. I’d like to hit at least ten different cities (or more if possible) and then write blog posts based on my observations. The only trip that is set is obviously Nashville. There are no set dates going forward but open to ideas as far as planning goes.

If you’ve never followed the Preds, you’ve missed out. If you’re open to following a new team, then I suggest spending the rest of the offseason reading some of the local bloggers that cover the team. I do know that there are more Predators blogs out there but from a national perspective, these seem to make the most noise.


On The Forecheck

Managed by Dirk Hoag
Twitter: Forechecker
Facebook: On The Forecheck



Managed by Codey Holland
Twitter: Cellblock303
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Preds On the Glass

Managed by Buddy Oakes
Twitter: PredsOnTheGlass

There is also one more blog you should check out, but it covers national hockey news in addition to Predators news. If you follow the news and rumblings on twitter, I’m sure you’ve seen Red Light District Hockey at some point. They also have a weekly podcast that you can download. Along with Mr. Oakes, Mr. Porth brings on some great guests to talk hockey, the offseason, and everything in-between.


Red Light District Hockey (RLD Hockey)

Managed by Ryan Porth
Twitter: RLDhockey

This offseason, Nashville has been a hotbed for hockey news with all that has been swirling around the franchise. They recently had their Skate of the Union event in which they revealed their new home jersey (along with the Away jersey they unveiled at the 2011 draft) for the upcoming season. They’ve also been in the news about RFA qualifying offer troubles and the impending contract negotiations with the face of the franchise Shea Weber.

I’ll be covering some of those issues on the blog when I publish the Nashville trip review early next week. The real issue I want to cover is the atmosphere surrounding arena and how city officials hit a homerun by placing the arena on broadway. I’ve never seen another arena match the entertainment availability surrounding Bridgestone arena. Nashville should be the golden standard when developing land around hockey arenas.

For those that are interested in keeping up with the trip, you’ll be able to follow and interact with the blog through the twitter account (@icetheoffice). If you are a Nashville fan and have some recommendations, please let me know! If you just want to talk, that’s fine too! Tune in next week for a few recap posts!