La Ligue Nationale de Hockey a distribué enfin quelque chose pour compléter leur poussée dans le devant européen.


On second thought, let me start over. I never studied French anyway.

The National Hockey League has finally issued something to complement their push into the European front.

On November 8th, it was announced that the league had launched the NHL.com homepage in a French language friendly version. This new website was an addition to the already language movement that the league implemented before the 2011-2012 season began. Currently the league operates its home website in english with multiple versions in Czech, Finnish, German, Russian, Slovak, and Sweedish.

The league has also taken their language translations a bit further by allowing each site to focus on players from that specific country. Those who browse the French site will see Martin St. Louis and Martin Brodeur. Visiting the German site will bring about images of Christian Ehrhoff and Marcel Goc. Understand the pattern here? 

It makes perfect sense for the league to begin a translation movement for all news and media content. With a large portion of French-Canadians following the league, it was only a matter of time before the NHL made things easier for the fans. Additionally, It was made known that LNH.com will have their own local staff writers - which is an expected move. Translating the english content across the board probably isn't the best idea out there. Having a small staff helps ties in the fans even closer.

The biggest bonus for the league in all of this is the opportunity to seek more online advertisers. By targeting specific countrywide businesses, it not only allows the league to grow its business network, but it also allows them to line their pockets with more operating revenue. I'm not sure what the going rate is for banner or video advertisements are, but I would imagine that a large portion of the revenue will help pay for any local writers they hire. Even if the league only takes in 25% of the new revenue (the other 75% going toward writers and other expenses), consider it a nice win.

It is one thing to say that league officials want to grow the league into Europe and other countries. Seeing action from those statements are another thing. Glad to see Bettman & company backing their statements.