About three weeks ago I received an email that presented me with a unique offer. Bloguin had emailed me about joining together with a few other writers to create a main hockey blog on the front page of Bloguin. Titled Puck Drunk Love, it would be a space where we can write about what interests us the most - hockey. After securing the details, I agreed to jump on board with Kelly Reardon of BHDL, Jon Steitzer of Puckin' Eh, and a few other crazy characters.

This morning at 9AM EST, the blog finally launched on the main page.


If you want to follow the full stream of content that appears on Puck Drunk Love, there are a few ways you can do so:

1.) Through the Twitter article feed @PuckDrunkLove
2.) Through the Facebook page
3.) And of course, actually bookmarking the blog

For those of you who just want to read what I write, you can follow me tweeting about my posts at @icetheoffice. I don't plan on reusing content that I write for PDL on Ice the Office so you should keep an eye on PDL. I may decide to write a weekend links post on this blog to link back to my PDL pieces but I'm just not sure yet.

What does this mean for Ice the Office?

Simply put - I don't know. Ice the Office will still be up and running with no immediately plans to shut anything down. Jumping to the PDL crew is a step up in the blogging world and am thankful for the opportunity given that as a hockey blogger, I don't even have one year under my belt. If anything, Ice the Office will continue to talk about off ice issues and I will continue writing posts. I can't honestly say that I know the schedule I'll keep up though.

Either way, I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to stop by and read my posts. As an internet writer, I don't think I can accurately comprehend the effect (if any) that my posts have on anyone. Whether 5 or 500 people stop by, to me I'm just a guy typing in front of a computer. I don't really get to experience firsthand of what goes on after I hit the publish button. A disconnect - if you will. It is the nature of the position.

Hopefully my jump to PDL will mean that you will get to read great hockey articles!