In the first few moments after agreeing to be a part of Puck Drunk Love, I figured that there would be times where I wish I could post an article on both sites. Little did I know that the first example of this would appear so quickly. All things considered, it isn't that big of a deal. And as I promised in an earlier post, I would do my best not to rehash content.

So with keeping in that same mindset, I've decided to link out on the first week of posts that I've written for Puck Drunk Love. I'll admit - doing something like this might be a "mail it in" post. However, I want to make sure that those visit this site get an opportunity to read the other pieces that could easily fit in on this site. I would hope that you would eventually check both sites to see what is going on. Deciding if the pieces are any good will be up to you (the readers). If you like what you see on this site and Puck Drunk Love, I ask you to please share it with others.

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The Price of Success


The Age of Discover-y